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    Oxygen Safety Training Courses

    Nationally Accredited Oxygen Safety Training Courses in a variety of formats to suit your needs:

    On-site training in the safe handling of Oxygen. Face-to-face classroom & practical instruction at your location. Great value, No fuss

    Webinars: Trainer led - real time training, allows delegate interaction with Q&A. Practical demonstration included

    Online courses: Whether you require training for one individual or 100, our interactive & engaging Oxygen online training courses are a cost effective way of meeting your legal obligations

    Blended Learning: Online training course in Oxygen safety, supplemented by onsite practical instruction

    Open Workshops are regularly delivered at our centrally located training academy in Cheshire and in partnership with distributors throughout the UK.

    All training comes with nationally accredited EAL certification, valid for 3 years

    Medical gas safety training

    Medical Gases Safety Training

    Course type: On-Site Training, Webinar

    This training course delivered at your location through a blend of classroom & practical instruction. Covering the safe use, handling, storage & transportation of medical oxygen & other medical gases.

    Gases: Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen, Medical Gases, Medical Oxygen, Oxygen
    Application: Healthcare

    Oxy-Acetylene / Oxy-Propane Gases Safety Training

    Course type: E-Learning Course, On-Site Training, Webinar

    Interactive, engaging classroom & practical sessions. Covering operator behaviours, gas properties, hazards, pre-use checks, safe light up, flame setting & shut down procedures in line with BCGA CP7 & UK government legislation for cutting & welding applications.

    Gases: Acetylene, Brazing, Oxy-Fuel, Oxygen, Propane, Soldering, Welding
    Application: Agriculture, Brazing, Construction, Decommissioning, Demolition, Highway Maintenance, Maintenance, Mechanical, Site Maintenance, Soldering, Welding

    Compressed Gases Safety Training

    Course type: E-Learning Course, On-Site Training, Webinar

    Interactive & engaging classroom & practical sessions. Covering the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of cylinder gases used in Laboratory, Industrial & Medical applications.

    Gases: Acetylene, Argon, Medical Gases, Mixed Gases, Oxygen, Propane, Special Gases
    Application: Agriculture, Construction, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Highway Maintenance, Industrial, Laboratory, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Produce, Site Maintenance

    Compressed Gases Safety: Online Training Course

    Course type: E-Learning Course
    Course Duration: 90 minites

    Interactive & engaging e-Learning lesson. Covering the safe use, handling, storage & transportation of bottled gases used in Laboratory & Industrial applications.

    Gases: Compressed Gases, Argon, CO2, Helium, Hydrogen, Mixed Gases, Oxygen, Special Gases
    Application: Agriculture, Calibration, Engineering, Industrial, Laboratory, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Produce, Site Maintenance

    The Installation & Maintenance of Compressed Gases Systems Qualification

    Course type: Open Training Event

    Interactive & engaging classroom & practical workshop. The qualification aim is to enable the delegate to demonstrate that they have the technical knowledge and practical skills required to complete an appropriate and safe installation of a compressed gases system.

    Gases: Acetylene, Argon, CO2, Compressed Gases, Cryogenic Gases, Helium, Hydrogen, Liquid Nitrogen, LPG, Mixed Gases, Oxy-Fuel, Oxygen, Propane, Special Gases
    Application: Agriculture, Beverage, Calibration, Construction, Education, Engineering, Food, Healthcare, Industrial, Laboratory, Leisure, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Pharmaceuticals, Produce, Site Maintenance
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