PGS are well respected in the gas industry and have built good relationships with our customers & partners .

To strengthen our offer and to further support our customers we are offering a unique opportunity to gas professionals; service engineers, gas agents & distributors who carry out the annual inspection of oxy-fuel gas equipment as required by BCGA CP7.

The PGS Gas Professional Community provides companies or individuals who have the PGS qualification in Oxy-Fuel Gas CP7 Equipment Inspection the chance to stand out from the crowd!

Members of the the Gas Professional Community receive the following benefits:

  • Advertising on PGS website

  • Documentation required for annual inspection

  • Free informative posters for your clients

  • Support from PGS technical & administrative  team

  • Training referral scheme (refer your customers for training and receive a payment when training booked)

Inspectors who attend PGS CP7 Gas Equipment training will be given the opportunity to become a member of the community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Gas Professional Community then please email to request an application form.

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