Gas Professional Community

PGS are well respected in the gas industry and have built good relationships with our customers & partners .

To strengthen our offer and to further support our customers we are offering a unique opportunity to gas professionals; service engineers, gas agents & distributors who carry out the annual inspection of oxy-fuel gas equipment as required by BCGA CP7.

The PGS Gas Professional Community provides companies or individuals who have the PGS qualification in Oxy-Fuel Gas CP7 Equipment Inspection the chance to stand out from the crowd!

Looking for an inspector to carry out examination and testing?

Inspectors who attend PGS CP7 Gas Equipment training will be given the opportunity to become a member of the community

Interested in becoming a Gas Inspector?

We have a range of accredited courses available

As a member, you'll receive the following benefits:

  • Advertising on PGS website

  • Documentation required for annual inspection

  • Free informative posters for your clients

  • Support from PGS technical & administrative team

  • Training referral scheme (refer your customers for training and receive a payment when training booked)

Ready to find out more?

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