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Specialists in compressed gases safety

Located in the heart of the beautiful Cheshire countryside, our training is delivered on-line, on-site at any client location across the UK or join us for open workshops.

High quality, independently assessed & approved training

Certification is available as a Nationally Accredited Level 3 Award, the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK - only available from PGS

High quality, independently assessed and approved training for users of compressed gases, cryogenic gases and compressed air.


PGS deliver high quality training courses for users of compressed and cryogenic gases. Certification is available as a Nationally Accredited Level 3 Award, the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK - and only available through PGS.

PGS have a reputation for excellent customer service & outstanding quality of training.  We help companies implement and demonstrate effective control of their compressed and cryogenic gas products and systems and we offer them complete training packages which incorporate both the end user and management.

We take pride in understanding the training needs of all our customers, the service we offer is designed to do far more than simply train the end user, we offer free technical support for up to 3 years post training and we will go out of our way to help resolve any issues pertaining to the use of compressed and/or cryogenic gases.

Within our business we have individuals with years of relevant industrial and teaching experience which has enabled us to build a robust portfolio of training options that can be tailored to meet the needs of our customer.

Our accreditations are more than just a logo – EAL recognised means regular assessments and compliance of content, delivery and administration.

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Free Trial Admission, e-Learning

“I thoroughly enjoyed the material on each topic and am very impressed by how easily understandable you guys have made these complex topics!” “Comparing your eLearning material to some other competitors I found that your material is most superior in conveying important messages and delivering a positive and useful learning outcome.”

Business Development Manager – Chromatography

“Just to say thanks for a really useful and interesting day yesterday. We got everything we needed from the training, and your expertise in guiding us on some safety measures we need to undertake was invaluable.”

Training Coordinator, Pfizer R&D UK Ltd

“We had arranged onsite refresher training which was cancelled due to Covid-19.E-Learning was made available to us and has been very well received by all delegates, they found the online sessions very informative and some preferred it to face to face delivery.I received great support and communication throughout the process”

Learner, Pfizer R&D UK Ltd

“Refresher training organised by our training department. E-Learning replaced the face to face course that was cancelled due to Covid-19. I thought the training was beneficial and I would recommend it to others”

Vehicle Certification Agency

“This was an excellent course that has greatly increased my knowledge of gases safety. The e-Learning system is very easy to use and the content was relevant and pitched at the right level. I have recommended this course to people within my organisation”

Trainer, Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd

“I’ve really enjoyed the perfect amount of detail in the course, where you come away from a slide knowing what was meant, but not feeling overloaded with information. A really good balance, and really informative about legal requirements. Thanks”

Learner, Babcock DSG

“The course held my interest and has increased my knowledge of gases safety. I thought the training content was excellent and very relevant to my job, overall, I thought the training was very good”

Company Director, Baileys Turkeys Ltd

“I undertook the e-Learning as a free trail to ascertain its benefit for my staff after contacting PGS through the web chat.The course is well put together with a sensible level of detail. Being able to leave and return to training at any point in the day was of particular benefit.I would recommend this training […]

Learner, BAE Systems (operations)

“Good flow of information to keep interest, enjoyed the taster questions throughout the course. I enjoyed the course and will recommend this training to other areas of the business where staff require gas cylinder safety training”

Learner, Babcock International Group

“The course held my interest and has increased my knowledge of how to work safely with gases. The content is excellent and I think the supporting documentation is good”

Customers, Partners & Affiliates

Dearman Engines
Lincoln Electric - Welding Experts
FTI are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of instrumentation products and services.
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Partners, Affiliates & Awarding Bodies

EAL Recognised Centre
British Cryogenics Council Member
AWD Member


PGS Work with companies, partners and organisations whose concern is the safety of employees & contractors using potentially hazardous compressed gases.

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