COSHH Considerations Cryogenic Gloves & Aprons


Cryogenic Gloves and Cryogenic Aprons are used in what may be considered as
hazardous areas. Consideration to the following should always be given to ensure
the safety of the user.

1. Products must be kept clear of naked flames.

2. Where the product is used to retrieve an object from a low temperature environment, such as liquid nitrogen vapours,  waterproof products must be used.

3. The product must not be immersed in cryogenic liquids.

4. Store in a clean, dry space.

5. The gloves should only be used if they are in good condition and should be regularly checked to ensure there is no snagging of the material and that the stitched seams are sound.

6. The operator should be aware that the gloves used are of sufficient length for the process being carried out.

7. Operatives should be aware that gloves are available in wrist, mid-arm, elbow or shoulder length.

8. Cryogenic Aprons should be worn in association with Cryogenic Gloves.

9. Whilst Cryogenic Gloves are durable and strong, they should not be brought into contact with any aggressive material. Industrial gloves are for this purpose.

10. The Cryogenic Gloves are constructed with a Jersey wool interior, polyolyfin insulation and a stitched nylon outer covering. Waterproof Cryogenic Gloves incorporate a polythene inner lining to give added protection against accidental splashing of liquids.

11. Should a particular application be of concern to a user, please refer to the technical department at Cryogenic Workwear Ltd.

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