Laboratory Cryogenic Gloves – Wrist (285mm to 310mm long)

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These waterproof cryogenic gloves have been developed to give protection against extreme cold, freezer burn and frostbite, but must not be immersed in cryogenic liquid. They are ideally suited to retrieving objects from cryogenic atmospheres and handling of cold objects.

Typically, they are used for handling objects stored in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen (ranging from -120° C to -190° C).  As well as use within liquid nitrogen environments, these gloves provide protection in other cold situations, such as with freezers, cold rooms, ‘dry ice’ and microtomes.

Frosters gloves superb insulation needs less thickness, giving more dexterity. They have a synthetic fibre outer for flexibility.
The outer layer, of royal blue, woven, polyamide, has a waterproof coating to protect against cryogenic liquid vapours.
The middle layer is of a special polyolefin/polyester micro-fibre, which is almost twice as effective in thermal insulation as a similar thickness of down. This minimises heat transfer without being so thick as to be cumbersome.
The inner layer is of cotton for comfortable wear.

The products should not be used or worn near an open flame or in a hazardous area in which ignition could occur. Gloves must not be immersed in liquid nitrogen.

When retrieving or placing products in liquid nitrogen atmospheres, the use of waterproof Cryogenic Gloves and Cryogenic Aprons are recommended


Large – Size 10, Medium – Size 9, Small – Size 8



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