Gas Test Kit

Gas Test Kit for the Annual Inspection of Oxy-fuel Gas Systems

This annual inspection kit has been designed and tested to ensure maximum precision and reliability.

Available to purchase as a standalone product or FREE when you join our Gas Professional Community.



£120.00 (Subject to VAT)

Oxy-fuel Inspection Test Kit for the inspection of oxy-acetylene/propane gas systems as required by BCGA CP7.

To be used only by suitably trained operatives.


  • Reverse Flow Adaptor (Oxygen)
  • /W & Swaged Blanking Nozzles
  • 3/8’ Straight Adaptors
  • 3/8’ Blanking Plug with Insert
  • 3/8’ – 1/4’ Vent Adaptors
  • 1/4’ Blanking Plug with Insert
  • AFN Cutting Attachment Blank
  • NM Blanking Nozzle
  • Reverse Flow Adapator (Fuel Gas)
  • Spanner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Brush – for proper application of leak detector
  • Teepol Leak Detector Spray 100ml
  • Supplied with Tool Box


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