Cryogenic Aprons

Cryogenic Aprons

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(910mm to 1360mm long all products are waterproof)

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Product Description

This product has been developed to give protection against extreme cold, freezer burn and frostbite, but must not be immersed in cryogenic liquid.

The Apron is designed to be worn be a worker retrieving objects from cryogenic atmospheres and handling of cold objects.

Manufactured from a highly efficient insulation with an outer nylon skin.

The product should not be used or worn near an open flame or in a hazardous area in which ignition could occur.

When retrieving or placing products in liquid nitrogen atmospheres, the use of waterproof Cryogenic Gloves and Cryogenic Aprons is recommended.

Tested to the following standards:

BS EN 420:2003

BS EN 511: 2006

BS EN 388: 2003

ISO 9001 – 2008

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  • Correct fit contributes to product performance; a tight fit leads to thermal loss.
  • Select the appropriate glove length and apron length for your specific application.
  • Select Waterproof Cryogenic gloves for use in cryogenic atmospheres.
  • Glove fit should be loose enough to allow for quick removal if necessary.
  • Store gloves and aprons in a clean dry space.
  • Periodically inspect the condition of your gloves and aprons, replace garments that show excessive wear.

General Use

  • Never immerse gloves in any liquid.
  • Always ensure correct size of glove is used.
  • Do not use product in hazardous areas
  • Read safety instructions before use.
  • Use the correct length glove for application.
  • Do not use product close to naked flame.

Safe Operation

Before retrieving an article from a low temperature source ensure the following:

  • The gloves are in good condition, there are no snags of the material and the stitched seams are sound.
  • Use a Cryogenic Apron.
  • The gloves are of sufficient length, i.e. should elbow or shoulder length be used?
  • Never immerse gloves into a liquid.
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