Flashback Arrestors Standard Update

Published: 8 May, 2018

Flashback Arrestors Standard Update

Flashback Arrestors (FBA)

Gas Welding Equipment Safety Devices incorporating a flame (flashback) arrestor
BS EN 730-1:2002 has been replaced by BS EN ISO 5175-1:2017
Flashback Arrestors purchased from 2018 may now be seen with the new number ISO 5175-1

5 Year Life

  • Replace Flashback Arrestors every 5 years or according to manufacturer\'s recommendations

  • Check the manufacturer\'s date stamp or coding

  • As with regulators not all manufacturers may date the Flashback Arrestors

  • If the code is not present ascertain from purchase records or management whether the FBA is under 5 years old

  • If in doubt replace

Flashback Arrestor Before Use Checks

  • Appropriate for the gas in use

  • The body is free from damage, contamination & correctly labelled

  • Conforms to ISO 5175: *BS EN 730-1 *December 2017 updated to BS EN ISO 5175-1

  • Appropriate Maximum Working Pressure of the FBA

  • Reset button or lever check for gas flow in the operating position. If there is no gas flow, check for signs of damage caused by previous flashback on the FBA or any attached hoses & regulators

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