Date marking of gas accessories

Published: 9 May, 2018

Date marking of gas accessories

BCGA issue TIS 18 Revision 3: 2018 – Date marking of gas accessories

Gas equipment will age and deteriorate over time, regardless of the external appearance, internal components such as rubber valves and seals will deteriorate from the time of manufacture. It is for this reason that regular equipment inspections are required.

TS18 refers to components, such as pressure regulators, flashback arrestors, flexible hoses and blowpipes attached to mobile systems or gas control systems. For this type of accessory, manufacturers and / or suppliers will allocate a life for their accessory.
Typically in the industrial gases industry this is 5 years.

Date codes and markings that identify when equipment requires inspection or replacement are not standardised.

TS18 contains information to help you understand the date codes and markings from a number of gas equipment manufacturers and suppliers.


The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) is a not-for-profit Trade Association whose mission is to ensure safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of industrial, food and medical gases done in part through their many respected publications.
Publications including TS18 are kept up-to-date through regular updates and may be viewed on the BCGA website.

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