CP7 Gas Equipment Inspector courses in partnership with ESAB

Published: 20 June, 2018

CP7 Gas Equipment Inspector courses in partnership with ESAB

PGS are delighted to partner with ESAB, to deliver Oxy-Fuel CP7 Gas Equipment Inspector courses

CP7 Gas Equipment Inspector courses in partnership with ESAB

"ESAB are highly respected within the welding industry and their inspector course has long been recognised as a leading training solution for gas inspectors.
PGS are therefore delighted to be offered the opportunity, to take over the reins and deliver our CP7 Gas Equipment Inspector training in partnership with ESAB"

Helen Brewin - Commercial Director, Proactive Gas Safety (PGS)

Mobile Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment Inspection from PGS

A two-day course, specifically designed for those undertaking the inspection of Mobile Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment in line with BCGA CP7, the training includes interactive classroom training, practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions. Multiple-choice tests are conducted throughout the course and there is a formal exam at the end that candidates must pass to be awarded their certificate.

Why training?

This course qualifies individuals to undertake the annual inspection of oxy-acetylene/propane equipment as required by BCGA CP7, with the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK.

BCGA CP7 states:
Annual maintenance of oxy-acetylene/propane equipment shall be carried out by a person who has been formally trained to demonstrate;
• Sufficient practical experience of related gas equipment
• Theoretical knowledge of the functioning of the equipment, the properties of gases used, the potential defects and hazards which may occur and their importance to the integrity and safety of the equipment.

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