Autumn News

Published: 25 October, 2023

Autumn News

Accumulator Training

We have recently welcomed Graham Miller to our Team.  Graham is an incredibly knowlegable Trainer with a wealth of experience within the Accumulator & Hydraulic Industry; including 31 years with Parker Hannifin, Olaer & Fawcett Christie Hydraulics, 9 years with AP Precision Hydraulics and is currently the principal UK Expert representing BSI/BFPA at CEN and ISO as well as being a Chartered Mechanical & European Engineer.

With Graham on board we are delighted to have re-introduced our Gas Fuelled Accumulator Training course.  This Course combines classroom & practical demonstration to provide delegates with an understanding of how to carry out the charge of gas loaded accumulators in a safe and efficient manner.

Attendance gives delegates information required to understand the specific hazards associated with working with compressed gases & the task of charging an accumulator, including understanding relevant pressure systems regulations and correct pre-charge set up.

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CP7 – Oxy-Fuel Gas Inspector Course

Our ever popular CP7 Gas Inspector Open Workshops have been a great success this year and our last course for 2023 is filling up fast (22nd & 23rd November).

Delegates will be shown how to undertake the annual inspection of oxy-fuel equipment as required by BCGA CP7 and have an understanding of the hazards and properties of oxy-fuel gases.

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We will soon be announcing dates for the first quarter of 2024…

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Busy workplaces and a need for flexible working have increased the popularity of our e-Learning.  These online courses take on average 1 -1.5 hours to complete and can be carried out at a time that suits the learner and the business. Training Co-ordinators or a nominated person can be made ‘Group Manager’ which enables e-Learning progress to be monitered internally and completed in a timely manner.  Delegates & ‘Group Manager’ will receive Certification on completion of the final quiz. We advise refresher training 3 years post training.

If required, practical sessions can be organised to be held onsite to support the e-Learning.

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