Buy E-learning Courses for Groups of Learners

Here you can purchase courses for groups of learners. Bulk discount codes* will be applied as appropriate.  Once you have completed your purchase, you will be able to add individual users to your groups, invite them to start their training and monitor their progress

Further discounts for Universities and NHS

*Further discounts apply for Universities and NHS customers.  Please contact us to make a purchase.

Please note: All learners in a group will have access to all the courses in the group. If you need a different configuration, e.g. where some learners have access to one set of courses, and a different set of learners have access to a different set of courses, please set up separate groups to reflect this.


Group name
The name of the group for which you are purchasing the courses.
The number of users who require access.
Bulk discounts
10 to 99 seats
- 5 %
+100 seats
- 10 %


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