Nationally Accredited Safety training for users of Compressed & Liquefied Gases.

PGS provide training, information & support so risk is minimised, resulting in an assured workforce and a safer workplace.

Compressed Gases Safety

Training in bottled gases used in Laboratory & Industrial applications.

Cryogenic Gases Safety

Training in cryogenic gases used in medical, engineering, manufacturing & produce industries.

Oxy-fuel Gas Inspector

Training of oxygen-acetylene/propane equipment as required by CP7

LPG Gases Safety

Training in LPG gases used in highway maintenance, heating and packaging applications
LPG Gases Safety Training, covering hazards, handling, storage & transportation

Medical Gases Safety

Training in medical oxygen & other medical gases, supporting the training obligations of NHS HTM 02-01 Part B
medical gases safety training obligations NHS HTM 02-01 part B

Compressed Air Safety

Training in compressed air tools for operators in environments such as production and manufacturing.
Compressed-air safety, covering handling hazards & tools

Oxy-Fuel Gases Safety

Training for oxygen-acetylene/propane users specific to BCGA CP7 & UK government legislations
Oxygen-acetylene propane safety training, safe light-up & shut-down, storage

LPG on FLTs Gases Safety

Training in LPG gases used on forklift trucks
lpg fork lift truck safety training


PGS Work with companies, partners and organisations whose concern is the safety of employees & contractors using potentially hazardous compressed gases.


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