On-Site Training: Oxy-Acetylene / Propane Gases Safety

Safety training for welders, cutters & fabricators using oxy-fuel (oxygen-acetylene/propane) 

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Training Overview

Oxy-Acetylene/Propane Safety Training

This oxy-acetylene / propane gases safety training course delivered at your location through a blend of classroom & practical training, provides learners with an understanding of the hazards and properties of oxy-fuel gases used in applications such as cutting, brazing, soldering & welding.

Who is the course for:

This course is suitable for all those working with oxy/acetylene or oxy/propane gases and associated equipment commonly used in applications such as cutting, brazing, soldering & welding.


This training is nationally accredited by EAL & provides 4 CPD learning hours.  You can choose to upgrade to a Level 3 QCF qualification (enquire at time of booking)

Why training:

Approximately 90% of incidents involving oxy-acetylene/propane occur due to incorrect light up and shut down procedures and operator error.

This training ensures your organisation complies with obligations to train all staff exposed to risk. Attendance gives staff information to understand the specific hazards associated with oxy-acetylene/propane, resulting in an assured workforce and a safer workplace.

“Brilliant course, very relevant to what we do. I would strongly recommend this training to other areas of our business. All aspects were beneficial”
Jon Buckle, Bosch Thermotechnology
Trainer was obviously very experienced and after the initial reaction from some of our older members of staff of “another course? we know all about gas safety” it was pleasing to see that the same people found the course very interesting and also felt they had learned something – thank you.
NDT Co-coordinator, QA Weld Tech Ltd

Customer focused training provider that ensures delivery is engaging, relevant to business needs and in line with current regulations & legislation – very pleased with the service provided.

Group Training Officer , Sheffield Forgemasters

Certification is available as a Nationally Accredited QCF Level 3 qualification.

Awarded by EAL the Level 3 QCF is the the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK -only available from PGS.

All Inclusive Price

£1,295first 5 delegates
  • Pricing is fully inclusive of classroom & practical training.  No additional fees for travel within mainland UK 

What’s included?

Management Receives:

  • Detailed feedback on delegate performance for inclusion in company training records
  • A summary of learner opinions of training
  • Relevant updates on gas legislation

Each Learner Receives:

  • Accredited Certification and Passport Card valid for 3 years (Optional upgrade to QCF qualification)
  • Supporting documentation
  • Access to 3 year technical support
  • Light up & shut down procedures

Classroom Session 3.5 hours

Interactive training on oxy-acetylene/propane gases and equipment with topics including:

  • Operator behaviours
  • Flashback arrestors
  • Non-return valves
  • Emergency procedures
  • PPE

Practical Session allow approximately 1 hour

Learners will be given the opportunity to undertake:

  • Before-use checks including leak checking
  • Regulator fitting
  • Manual handing of cylinders
  • Correct light-up & shut-down procedures


PGS Work with companies, partners and organisations whose concern is the safety of employees & contractors using potentially hazardous compressed gases.

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