Kane GLD 451 Plus – Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Gas leak detector – a flexible tool, designed to detect gas leaks.

The device is calibrated to detect any combustible gas such as LPG in concentrations above 250ppm.

The purpose of this tool is to provide an easy to use, safe and reliable gas leak check solution.

£54.00 (Subject to VAT)

Kane GLD 451 Plus – Combustible gas leak detector with flexible shaft

  • For use with LPG powered equipment or semi-permanent LPG fixtures.
  • Detects any combustible hydrocarbon gas i.e Propane & Methane in concentrations above 250ppm
  • Auto zeroes when switched on
  • Green LED indicates battery OK / power on
  • Red LED indicates gas detected
  • Audible bleep indicates gas detected
  • Supplied with 2 x AA batteries
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