Proactive Gas Safety, training options during covid-19

Published: 29 June, 2020

Proactive Gas Safety, training options during covid-19

Proactive Gas Safety, training options during Covid-19

As with many training organisations and businesses, all Proactive Gas Safety training activity ground to a sudden halt on 18th March 2020. The initial lockdown period was a shock to us all and it was a troubling time, thankfully all PGS staff and families have remained safe and healthy. Hopefully, by taking care, we and all our customers can now look forward to returning to work in a safe and healthy manner.

Embracing the new!

Proactive Gas Safety trainer delivering webinar

This quiet time has been used to review and improve our training courses, ensuring that we are ready to get back to offering the highest quality training when the time allowed.

We think that our hard work has paid off!  We have embraced technology that is new to us.

Members of the team have learnt that getting to grips with running a webinar in a professional manner is certainly different to a Saturday night Zoom quiz on the sofa!

Have a question?

We are happy to discuss the training options available, and help you decide the most suitable option for your workforce.


Face to face classroom & practical instruction at your location.

Scheduled at customer request.  Max 8 delegates.

Only available where social distancing guidelines can be met.


Trainer led - real time training, allows delegate interaction with Q&A. Practical demonstration included

Scheduled at customer request.  Max 12 delegates.

Supporting practical onsite training can be arranged where social distancing guidelines can be met.


e-Learning course supplemented by onsite practical instruction

Train at your convenience.  Interactive and accessible e-Learning course 1-1.5hrs

Trainer led onsite practical demonstration includes Q&A

Up to 4 delegates per session (max 3 per day)


This method allows us to deliver the high quality training that our customers have come to expect.

To encourage audience participation and keep delegates engaged we utilise a clever voting tool that is remotely accessible to all learners.  Additionally this allows us to formally monitor delegate progress and understanding.

Practical Training

When it comes to practical instruction we will include demonstrations within the webinars.  Delegates are encouraged to engage with the trainer and ask questions.  If further training is required then we can arrange on-site trainer led sessions.

Social Distancing

Socially Distanced Practical Training Best

To enable us to meet social distancing guidelines, a maximum of 4 delegates can attend each session.  If you have 12 delegates then we will run up to 4 sessions throughout the day

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