Just One Cylinder?

It is important that personnel coming into contact with and using Compressed and Cryogenic Gases understand the associated risks and have received sufficient training carry out their work in a safe and healthy manner.

The method of training is at the discretion of the employer and should reflect the outcome of a risk assessment.

The fact is whether you have JUST ONE cylinder or a hundred, employers are obliged to give users sufficient training and information to use cylinders safely – its the Law!

The purpose of this video is to highlight the risk posed by ‘Just One Cylinder’ providing an overview of the pre-use checks that should be carried out before using ANY compressed gas cylinder and fitting a regulator.

PGS training courses use video; alongside practical demonstration and classroom sessions to provide learners with the information and skills required to work safely with compressed & cryogenic gases.  Certification is available as a Nationally Accredited QCF Level 3 Award, the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK.

Training is undertaken by organisations that recognise their obligations in respect of the Health & Safety at Work Act and seek to develop the capability and well-being of their workforce.

The information contained within this video is intended for reference only and should be used in conjunction with training & guidelines from an employer and/or in conjunction with relevant UK Codes of Practice.

Before working with compressed gas (or any hazardous substance) users should have in their possession Material Safety Data Sheets for the gases being used; these can be obtained from the gas supplier.



PGS Work with companies, partners and organisations whose concern is the safety of employees & contractors using potentially hazardous compressed gases.