Gas Safety Information

It is important that personnel associated with the use of Compressed and Cryogenic Gases understand the properties of those gases and know how to use them in a safe manner.

With this in mind we have developed our ‘Know Your’ range.  These are safety data sheets which provide important information about a range of gases and equipment including gas stores, regulators and cylinder identification.*

These posters are also available to purchase in either A3 or A1 from our shop. 

Gas Safety Information - Free Downloads

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*Guidance documents in the ‘Know Your’ range are intended for reference only and should be used in conjunction with guidelines from an employer and/or in conjunction with relevant UK Codes of Practice.

Users should have in their possession Material Safety Data Sheets for the gases being used; these can be obtained from the gas supplier.

An overview of the pre-use checks that should be carried out before using ANY compressed gas cylinder and fitting a regulator.  This video is a MUST WATCH!