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Who is the course for:

This re validation course should only be attended by Inspectors who have undertaken the PGS CP7 Oxy-Acetylene/Propane Equipment Inspector course.

Re validation is required after a period of 3 years.


This training is nationally accredited by EAL & certified by the CPD standards office to provide upto 10 CPD learning hours. On successful completion learners will receive a Level 3 qualification in Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment Inspection.

Why training:

Completion of this course demonstrates delegates have received guidance and information which allows them to inspect oxy-acetylene/propane gas equipment in line with the requirements from BCGA CP7

BCGA CP7 states: Annual maintenance of oxy-acetylene/propane equipment shall be carried out by a person who has been formally trained to demonstrate:

Sufficient practical experience of related gas equipment
Theoretical knowledge of the functioning of the equipment, the properties of gases used, the potential defects and hazards which may occur and their importance to the integrity and safety of the equipment